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Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you find the information informative & helpful.  We have never listed our accomplishments before as we have always considered them to just be a part of our ongoing goal of preserving and protecting Wayne. Our friends however have stressed that we must let people know what we have done. Accordingly, this website contains a listing of our accomplishments on behalf of Wayne and its residents during our years on the Village Board.

Each of us have enjoyed serving Wayne’s residents for the past 28 to 30 years  and look forward to continuing. During those years we have worked countless hours on behalf of Wayne and its residents.  We have also gained a great deal of knowledge and experience about how to best preserve and protect Wayne.

We hope you agree that our experience, our strong desire to continue working on behalf of Wayne and its residents, our accomplishments, and the many proven results we have obtained on behalf of Wayne residents warrant your support and your vote in the April 4, 2023 election. 

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* Permanent Solution to Village’s Facility Needs

* Enhanced Communications with Residents

* Continued Improvement in Traffic Enforcement

* Continue Modernizing the Village Code

* To Preserve and Protect Wayne

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These accomplishments are concentrated in six major areas which are summarized below. You can also click here to look at the detailed list of our accomplishments.

Managing Development and Traffic.

Working with our contacts in DuPage County, we were able to successfully take ownership of Army Trail Road from the County line to Munger Road and through our HARP program, received easements from homeowners which prevented the widening of the road in Kane County. This prevented Army Trail from becoming a four-lane road. We then successfully lobbied the federal government to push the intended four lane bridge over the Fox River from the end of Army Trail further north to Stearns Road. Without these efforts, Wayne as we know it, would no longer exist.


We also successfully fought several potentially large developments that would have changed the character of the Village. The first was a 30 year battle that prevented 400+ homes from being developed off of Army Trail and that land is now a 400 acres Forest Preserve; the second was preventing the subdivision of 90 acres into 40+ homesite-townhome development on our western border. A developer then wanted to change the restrictions on 500 acres of covenant properties west of Dunham Road that prohibited any development other than single family and agricultural, we supported and fought to protect the covenant together with homeowners in the affected area.


In addition to managing development, we have effectively built trust with and worked with various landowners and donors to preserve numerous parcels of open space in perpetuity. Examples are given in our detailed list of accomplishments. Click here.

Financial Responsibility.

The details in our detailed list of accomplishments give many examples of efforts from your Board that resulted in Wayne being named the most frugal municipality in DuPage County in 2018. They include actively soliciting and obtaining grants for road improvements, a public works building, police equipment and drainage improvements – all of which have decreased the amount of taxpayer dollars needed for these projects. We have lived within our means and have never borrowed for any reason. Click here.

Public Safety.

This has always been a top priority for your Village Board.  As you may know, our Police Department accounts for 73% of our Operating Expenditures. We successfully hired Wayne resident Tim Roberts as our new Chief of Police and the Village Board approved a large increase in payroll to facilitate the necessary change from our reliance on retired part-time officers to full-time officers. Tim has hired some great officers, he has exceeded expectations and he has been able to accomplish all of that while staying well under the initial cost forecast for returning the Wayne PD to full staffing and patrol coverage levels. We have also stayed current on all our pension payments.


Ongoing efforts over the past several years have reduced the accidents at Army Trail and Powis by over 50% and there has been a significant increase in traffic enforcement in 2022. The launch of the Police Facebook page with over 630 followers has been well received by our residents. Click here.

Maintaining Wayne’s Rural Ambiance and Heritage.

In addition to managing Development and Traffic which is and has been very key to maintaining Wayne’s Rural Ambiance and Heritage, other efforts included successfully fighting the requested level of rail traffic expansion through Wayne and the establishment of railroad quiet zones. We also supported the renovation of the Dunham Castle and the return of horse shows to Lamplight and Dunham Woods Riding Club. We have supported Wayne Days and Flag Day, the moving of the Depot back to its original site and the establishment of a Sister City relationship in France to further honor our equestrian heritage. Click here.

Ensuring More and Better Access to and Availability of Information for Residents.

We established the first Village of Wayne website and have continued to improve and enhance the website to better deliver information to all residents and we are currently working on a major re-work of the Village website.  The Wayne Police Department launched a Facebook page that has exceeded all expectations.  We have continued and improved the Wayne Window and made sure it was both mailed and electronically delivered (via email) to all residents. During the dark days of Covid we set up the ability of residents and Board members to participate in Village Board meetings via Zoom.  We were able to do this because of the Governor’s Emergency Declaration allowing remote meetings.  We have increased the posting of meeting minutes and Village Board and other meeting agendas on the Village website so that all residents can easily access those documents to be and stay informed. We remain committed  to improving and enhancing communication and information flow to all our residents. Click here.

Our Service on the Board

This section highlights the significant time spent building relationships with local municipalities, DuPage County and Kane County and State officials that greatly aid in mutual cooperation and receipt of grant dollars that save your tax dollars. It also highlights personal efforts to communicate with residents and our constant search for future leaders that can bring valuable skill sets to the Village as Commission members and for other non-Board leadership positions. And importantly, we will note that we have consistently appointed new members with diverse ideas, experience, or viewpoints, (to increase inclusion and diversity of thought) to the Village Board, when the opportunity arose, to achieve a desirable mix of experience and new ideas from our future Village Board leaders. We also highlight the involvement of our Village President in numerous governmental organizations throughout the area and the benefit it has to the Village. Click here.


We learned from the dedicated leaders that preceded us. It has benefited Wayne and will benefit our future leaders if we are reelected. Experience Matters.





We are proud of our many accomplishments over the past 30 years which could not have been achieved without the support of our residents. We believe that most of our residents support what we have achieved for Wayne and it is why they have consistently reelected us.

We believe that our residents support what we have achieved for Wayne and that is why they have consistently reelected us



We believe our results speak for themselves, but know that you need to constantly move forward and be proactive to the ever changing environment. We believe our Top Priorities detailed on this site indicate our vision on how best to continue to Preserve and Protect Wayne while serving our residents.




Preserve and Protect Wayne

If you wish to vote by mail or plan to be out of town for the winter please arrange for mail-in voting through your county for the April 4, 2023 Consolidated Election. If you want to keep Wayne a simple, historic, open space community please remember to vote.

Please contact us if you need a ride to the polls for early voting. Contact us via email, by using the contact us form on the website (click here)

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The impressive list of accomplishments referenced on this site could not have been achieved without the support of our residents. In addition to the Village Board and our long time Treasurer who all serve without compensation, we have 30 residents all of whom give their time without compensation to serve on various Village Commissions, plus we are blessed with groups like:

  • Wayne Area Conservancy Foundation who helps mow & maintain many of our open space natural areas at no cost to the Village & together with the Wayne-DuPage Hunt maintain tremendous relationships with the Forest Preserve Districts that surround the Village.

  • Wayne Countryside Garden Club who maintains flowers and planters throughout the Village and create the unique evergreen swags that grace the street posts during the Holiday season.

  • Historic Preservation Society with numerous volunteers who have worked countless hours to restore the Depot and the Old Town Hall.

  • Community Association of Wayne for our beloved Flag Day event.

  • Little Home Church for providing space for Village Town Hall meetings and to community groups for their activities plus beautifying the area with daffodils.

  • Boy Scouts for numerous projects in Wayne.

We are truly blessed by this ongoing spirit of “giving back to the community” that is so evident in many of our residents in either volunteering or financially supporting the above groups. 

Latest Breaking News

Please check our latest news section. We will post timely information for the campaign and keep you updated with all information.

We ask for your support and your vote so we can continue to “Preserve and Protect Wayne”.

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