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Recent social media posts by individuals on the Mourousias slate, indicate their openness to raise dollars by looking at all options that would include selling off precious and irreplaceable Open Space in Wayne as well as considering a commercial enterprise on the Castle property. These announcements were met with firm push back by Wayne residents and in an attempt to cover-up their intent, they removed the original posts as well as the negative posts challenging their positions and kicked the people who disagreed with them off the WRC website. Talk about a total lack of Transparency.

We are firmly on record that we would never break the trust with the individuals who donated these properties to the Village with the intent that they be enjoyed by residents for generations to come. In addition, our position on the Castle has never changed, this property is protected by a Covenant that does not permit commercial business on roughly 500 acres located west of Dunham Road and we support the Covenant which can only be modified by a vote of the homeowners who live within the boundaries covered by the Covenant Agreement.

If you are part the vast majority of Wayne residents that do not agree with their positions, it is importantthat you get out to vote for Phipps, Connolly, Hull and our endorsed write-in Candidate, Gaetano Bevente at the upcoming April 4th election. Early voting has started, please check with your County Board of Elections for locations and times.

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